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The First Institution In Yemen

Leading In The Field Of Programming And Development Of All Kinds Software & Web Apps

With us, you can unleash your ideas and you are sure to implement them and bring them to light from the technical aspects on The form of an application, website or system will be of a high degree of professionalism, and if you dream of making a place Your business or home is a kingdom of your own that suits your aspirations and your own taste and meets your demands tirelessly. You will enjoy after Dealing with us with a unique experience that distinguishes you from others that enables you to achieve the future vision of smart homes. (Be the beginning of change towards a technical future)






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We Help You To Transfer Your Ideas To Reality



At Medhat Rashad Saeed Foundation, we help you to transfer your ideas to reality, and we also help you to create and generate the ideas necessary for the success of your project by providing the following services

  • Design and development of mobile applications for the Android operating system
  • Design and development of mobile applications for the iPhone operating system.
  • Desktop application programming and development
  • Programming and web design.
  • Website hosting service.
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Smart Home

Imagine waking up undisturbed by the sun and forcing you to move out of bed until the blinds are closed, with one click while you are in place you can do it. The luxury of controlling the air conditioning inside the rooms, the water temperature before showering and the lighting throughout the house without the slightest effort, seeing the daily tasks on a smart screen and controlling the heating of the rooms. All these features and more can be found in the smart home system provided to you by Medhat Rashad Foundation. Learn more about smart homes

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We Do Our Work In A Distinctive And Professional Manner

We seek to employ our professional and creative expertise and talents and devote them with generosity and dedication to the projects we work This is in order to brilliantly achieve the results that the client desires on all technical and aesthetic levels, and we guarantee That the results of our work are safe and comply with the rules and standards of maintaining cyber security. Diversity is also allowed Our services for the client to choose from a wide range of services according to his need and the need of the activity he manages

From designing and developing websites, applications, websites and web hosting, to building systems Specializing, programming and installing office and smart home systems, and providing consultancy in the field of cybersecurity. And other technical services and solutions that will open wide windows of technical safety and luxury for you Comfort and success.


Our Vision

Building applications, programs and systems that depend on highly advanced technical solutions and systems, in a way that makes them achieve and definitively the purpose for which they were established.


Our Values

Creativity, excellence, harmony and building products that meet the aspirations of modern technologies.


Our Mission

Together towards the success of projects in an unprecedented way from commercial investment and solutions in the manufacture of products and ideas, in addition to facilitating business in a manner that suits the era of smart products and systems Realize promising future visions of modern technologies.


Our team is excited to communicate with you to develop your business and provide advice on everything related to the world of programming and modern technologies.

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